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Bosses are strong monsters found in boss rooms at the end of a floor. The boss at the end of the floor must be defeated in order to advance to the next floor. The boss for a particular floor is chosen from the pool of bosses for the environment of the floor. Upon defeat, most bosses will drop an item from the boss item pool.

This page lists the IDs, Variants and SubTypes of each boss, so compatibility can be ensured between mods attempting to add bosses.

(P.S., this page also needs more of the Godmode: Unleashed bosses. Any help here?)

Boss List[edit | edit source]

Boss Portrait Health Description ID Variant SubType Mod
The Peeping
The Peeping Portrait.png
550 Protected by some little buddies, the peeping uses a variety of blood barrages to attack isaac. 500 9900 0 The Peeping
Moira Portrait.png
3000 +150 Fights using eyeballs. 777 0 0 The Ritual
PeePeeDie Portrait.png
2500 +200 An invulnerable boss with only one weak spot. 780 0 0 The Ritual
Puck Portrait.png
500 +30 Fights with magic runes that change how the player fights. 608 0 10 Lunatic Mod
Souleater Portrait.png
2000 Attacks the player using deadly blood lasers, and tricky projectile patterns. 800 125 0 Godmode: Unleashed
Serpent Portrait.png
? Shoots the player along some platforms. ? ? ? Genesis+
Honeydrop Portrait.png
110 A queen bee who attacks using shockwaves and by spawning flies to fight for him. 67 3 0 Devil's Harvest
Technopin Portrait.png
100 An early boss that attacks by firing a laser towards isaac, and by leaping towards him. 62 0 10 Devil's Harvest
Cacamancer Portrait.png
300 A large boss that fights by summoning poopy friends. 699 0 0 Devil's Harvest
Mega Blister
Mega Blister Portrait.png
300 A large blister that summons not one, not three, but TWO little balls as part of their attack! 303 0 5 Devil's Harvest
Mega Portal
Mega Portal Portrait.png
200 +5 A big portal that summons other bosses to fight for them. 697 0 0 Devil's Harvest
Primordial Monstro
Primordial Monstro Portrait.png
250 This old Monstro protect himself with Ministros. 20 415 0 Devil's Harvest
Mahalath Portrait.png
477 A demonic boss that fights using their vomit. 777 0 0 Devil's Harvest

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